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Sign the petition for more Pardo!

As many of you know (and have been so frustrated about), there is a severe shortage of Pardo polymer clay in the US. Ordering it from Europe is prohibitive as shipping cost for us US artists. I have started a petition to ask Viva Decor to speed up delivery to their representatives here and also increase the amounts they "give" us, in the hopes that if they see that there really IS a demand for Pardo, they'll come around and have it available for us on a dependable schedule. The translucents line is ok (even if it happens sometimes, like now, that there's no translucent transparent to be found) but we need other colors too, especially the jewelry line and the mica clays line! Please go sign the petition!

Sign the petition for more Pardo! Click here!

Welcome to my site

The website is under construction and not all sections are populated with articles.

Please keep coming back as I add new sections and articles almost daily!

NOTE: membership is only for my Tier 2 and Tier 3 monthly sponsors. Please do not try to register if you are not one of my sponsors, the membership is not automatically/email confirmation activated, I manually approve it on an individual basis.

Monthly sponsorship

Please use the button below if you wish to become my sponsor by paying a small amount each month, the same way as you would do with Patreon.I decided to leave Patreon because I had problems with their website, how unfriendly it is, the way that billing and payouts are set up (very inconveniently). their abysmal customer service and the fact that they aren't really doing anything for me as a creator to warrant the fairly steep fees that they take out of the creators' earnings (14%). They don't offer hosting for videos, or anything, just the capability of having a profile page and them acting as a middle man between the patrons paying and the creators being paid.

This being said, I will offer the same incentives as I was doing on Patreon.

Please, after you make your pledge, make sure to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. because I need to add you as a friend on Facebook in order to be able to invite you to my sponsors secret group. I will unfriend you as soon as I get you in the group, I do not like to impose myself in peoples' lives (of course, if you wish to be friends on facebook let me know or just send me an "add friend" back if I already unfriended you)

This is necessary if you want to access your sponsor perks. In the group I do often post small tips and advice as videos, simple posts or sometimes pdf files, and also have private live broadcasts.  The higher tiers also have membership to this site and access to even more tutorials. Also, please be aware that membership on the site is Tier 2 and 3 sponsors-only.

Let me know when you wish to stop your monthly support, so I can cancel the recurring payment.

All payments are made through Paypal.

Monthly sponsorship


If you become my sponsor, besides supporting me to be able to buy materials for tutorials, these are the rewards for my sponsors:

$3.00/month sponsorship

  • You will be part of my secret Facebook group and thus be able to witness what I am working on, various live broadcast videos that are sponsor-only, my various experiments and also have a vote in the polls on what I will be working on in the upcoming month. All this happens more often than once a week..

$5.00/month sponsorship

  • You be able to register on this website and thus will have access to extra tutorials just for my sponsors. The tutorials may be showing a special technique - it can be one I developed by myself, one that is known but I took it to new levels or found a new way of doing it, or one involving a new product on the market. There will be at least 2 tutorials a month. The tutorials may be in the form of videos or PDF files. NOTE: you will only have access to tutorials that are posted in the month you are starting your sponsorship and forward, not to tutorials that have been posted in the past. It is only fair for the sponsors who have been sponsoring  me for a longer time. NOTE: for each month of uninterrupted sponsorship, you will earn the right to access the tutorials posted a month prior to you registering as a sponsor. I.e. after being my sponsor for one month, in the second month you will be able to access tutorials posted in the month prior to you becoming my sponsor; after 3 months of sponsorship, you will earn the right to access back three months prior to you becoming my sponsor - and so on
  • Plus all previous tier rewards

 $10.00/month sponsorship

  • You will have access to all my paid tutorials for free.
  • Every two months, participate in a drawing to win any of the creations I made in those two months. The winner gets to pick which of my creations.
  • You can request once a month a one on one live video chat for consultation on what you are working, if you need advice. I use Skype, Google Hangouts and facebook videochat so any of these will work. You will need a webcamera so I can see what you are working on in order to give you advice.
  • Plus all previous rewards

Thank you so much for your support!






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