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"Imagine" - Polymer clay art contest

The world of polymer clay has benefitted in the last years from the invention of new media, new materials and new tools that brought an even wider diversity of beautiful effects that can be obtained using polymer clay. A couple of decades ago we were struggling to find new ways to texture surfaces – now all we have to do is buy texture sheets. Effects that we could not even dream of can be now obtained with various media that is compatible with polymer clay. Our pieces are shinier due to various new varnishes and resins. We have silk screens, mica powders, crackle paint, heat patina metal leaf, 3D printed cutters, stamps and texture sheets, and so much more, and the possibilities are endless. All these novelties made even a beginner in polymer clay able to achieve stunning effects and pieces and that has made polymer clay more popular than it has ever been. All this good also has a reverse side. By having everything readily available, we face the danger of falling into a routine. One of being “boxed in” by the efficiency with which we can make jewelry pieces in just a few minutes. We don't seek new ways of doing things. We stopped creating new shapes because the new cookie cutters create them for us. We stopped trying to obtain new surface effects because it's much easier to just buy the new fad media and apply it and we end up with more than half of the jewelry pieces created looking pretty much the same – create a veneer, cut a shape, cut a bezel, apply the paint/mica powder, and you have a pendant or necklace. Of course the colors are different, but in essence, all pieces are alike. Creativity is stifled before it can take more than a few steps.

This contest is to promote and encourage new (and not so new) artists to explore what polymer clay can offer by itself, without the addition of fancy expensive gadgets and gimmicks and while doing this, discover each artist’s power of creativity, the power to think outside the box.

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