Basic Canes

Complex bull's eye cane

This type of bull's eye cane has not just layering of sheets of clay, but actually is wrapped in various elements. In the following tutorials I am showing you how to combine the most basic of canes, the bull's eye and the stripe.

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Squared off simple bull's eye cane (grid)

Yes, you can re-shape canes. This is one of the most basic examples: if you square off the simple bull's eye cane, you can construct a grid. And it goes on and on from there...

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Skinner blend stripe cane

Did you learn yet how to do a Skinner blend? If not, hurry up and learn how to do it. The following basic cane requires one, and it's time to play with some colors!


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Dual skinner blend stripe cane

Are you confident in your ability to do a Skinner blend by now? Let's try that stripe cane again... this time with TWO Skinner blends!


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