Basic Canes

Simple spiral cane

And here's another one of the most basic canes: the simple spiral. This one too can be used as a veneer. But it's mostly used as a building block of a complex cane.


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Double spiral "Greek motif" cane

You already learned how to do the simple spiral. Let's try a more complicated one. The next tutorial will show you how to make a

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Simple checkerboard cane

The checkerboard cane is an absolute must when creating complex canes. It can add a lot of movement and interest in the overall design. I will show you my own way of doing this cane.


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The Ikat cane

It looks a little like a Skinner blend stripe cane.. but it isn't. It's the Ikat. The Ikat cane is actually an imitation of the Ikat (or Ikkat) technique used in weaving, that is based on applying resist dyeing on the yarn prior to dyeing and weaving the fabric.

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