Faux fluorite

Fluorite is the mineral form of calcium fluoride. I will not get very technical here, just say a few words.

Even if it can be found in a multitude of colors, the most publicly known variant is the one that mixes a specific hue of green and a specific hue of violet. In the tutorial below I am giving you the

recipe on how to achieve those colors using Premo clay. I did not attempt to do this stone in other clays, but one of  my subscribers attempted to do it with translucent tinted Pardo, I am waiting for her to send me photos and I shall post them at the end of this article. And as soon as I try myself doing it with Pardo and Cernit tinted translucents, I will post the recipe.


One more thing to note: in most cases, natural fluorite has a mild phosphorescence in the dark. So you might want to mix a dab of Sculpey "glow in the dark" here and there if you want to achieve that too!




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