Polymer clay suppliers

No. 1 supplier: the local craft store.

In my neck of the woods, there is no more Michaels. Just a Hobby Lobby. Excellent to purchase polymer clay from when they have the week of 30% off. A little inconvenient for me though as being disabled I usually have to rely on a friend to drive me there, as

it's a bit out of the driving distance that doesn't make me start hurting.

Online suppliers I've tried (strictly for ordering polymer clay)

Poly Clay Play - Hands down the best supplier I've ever tried and will probably become my usual supplier. Prices are very reasonable, has a large selection, shipping is practically the same day if you put in your order early enough in the morning, communication is 10/10 and customer service 20/10. The only polymer clay online store that I've purchased from who actually uses heat-protector bubble wrap for shipping polymer clay. Trish  does all by herself and is putting all her heart in it.

 Sculpey Products - Well, they DO have the lowest prices on the block. There are a few caveats here. One is the cost of shipping. Which, you can't even see until you check out (that was a flag raised for me). If you have a large order, like a min $100 it's ok. If you have an order of let's say $40, better go to your local craft store, because the $12.99 shipping fee will bring it to that exact price and you won't have to wait for your clay to come in the mail. Caveat 2: they don't ship on Fridays. Some lame excuse given. It doesn't state that anywhere on the site. Caveat 3: they take three days to get your order shipped. Yea. Got a $150 order put in and experienced no 2 and 3 above plus quite a "we don't give a f### we have small prices we sell a lot anyway no matter if you're upset or not" kind of customer service interaction. I can provide tracking number statement, print screens and email interactions. Thanks, but never again.

DickBlick - decent prices. Flat rate shipping of $4.99. Sounds awesome. Only that they use FedEx Smartpost as carrier. For this specific flat rate shipping takes 7 to 9 days (stated NOWHERE on the website). In the past year, from over 20 orders I had shipping in with Smartpost, half were lost and the other half delayed by at least a week (if not two). I got to the point that if I want to buy something on eBay I first ask the seller if they use SmartPost, if they do, I don't buy. So yea, this one, never again.

Honestly I tried various online polymer clay vendors. What I was looking for was an online polymer clay supplier that could get me my around $100+ worth of clay a month at a decent price with decent shipping AND reasonable shipping time. The above were my experiences.

Amazon - now here's the secret. Get your regular clay at the local Hobby Lobby on the 30% off week and then head on to Amazon for the 8 oz and 1 lb packs of the colors that get used the most - yanno, white, black, translucent, gold, etc. You can find absolutely fantastic deals (they change sometimes from day to day).

Of the suppliers I've ordered from on Amazon, when it comes to 8 oz and 1 lb packages (the 2 oz are just not worth it price-wise), I recommend:

Amazon.com LLC itself. Just do a search and they should come up with awesome prices

National Art Supply - you just have to catch the deals.

Elf Global Sales - after a mess up in which they sent me Sculpey III instead of Premo, they made up shipping the right stuff right away. Good customer service. Also, like the one above, you got to catch the deals.

CraftHarbor - check them out because they have great deals from time to time on the 1 lb packs.

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