I thought of keeping you a little bit in the loop. I know a lot of you are quite excited about the new website (I can see you checking it from the back end, haha) so, I thought it would be a good idea to tell you a bit of everything new that is happening - until the website will be fully done.

At that point I will make a "website tour" to make information more readily accesible.
As you can see, it's a new format with new organization.
Pretty much all of my public youtube videos (and the unlisted ones) will be grouped by level of expertise required and type of tutorial.
Not only that, but you will have reviews, know what I personally use, what I prefer for which techniques and style, etc.
There will be articles discussing subjects a bit out of the polymer clay per se, but very important and good to know - like for example jewelry design. Besides the long (looooong) art education I went through, at one point in my life I actually did design fashion. And accessories. So I will make some articles on that subject, to help you take a step back and see better what you are attempting to do.
Of course, more on color theory and... well, let's keep surprises as surprises.
For the time being.
Not sure if you noticed, but now at the very bottom of the page, there are keywords. That show you - on the left - what are the most researched tags on the website - and on the right - related search terms. There are a few more columns there free. I will use them for showcasing monthly (or maybe bi-weekly) one material or tool or - anyway, something you can use in your art -, then some awesome artist I might have discovered and want to present to you, and also maybe one of my subscribers or sponsors. There are so many wonderful artists out there that are not very known, mostly because they either arent' very interested or they don't know how to deal with this whole scary "web presence" science.
There will be polls.
There will be a message board - for the members of the website.
Right now there is only one small gallery with my creations, on the left side of the screen, if you scroll down a bit. In the future there will be more, all throughout the website. And of course a central one. I have been asked so many times why I don't have a gallery. Well, you'll get that.
There will be my art store again. It's actually quite ready, still need to do a bit of organizing and upload some products.
Now - I know, the subject of the paid tutorials and "when are we going to see that pietersite?"
It's coming. To be honest I am still not very sure which of the formats I will choose. I started being mostly inclined to have the type that you caould see before on craft.edu, before it closed.
Of course, that will also have some more free tutorials, not just paid ones. But they will be members only.
Membership will be free on the website.
Once the paid tutorial module is up and running I will start again the sponsorship. Only that this time it will be fully streamlined, and you won't have to wait to be added to secret facebook groups or go to unlisted youtube links and all that. No, it will be all on this website, very easily accessible. I will post very soon the sponsorship perks, as soon as I decide which formula I am going to go with, as some have "karma points", some have "perk points" and some plain coupons.
This is it for now. More coming soon.

Update February 8

Both new functions (the membership and the store) are installed. They are not visible yet, as they need some more configuration and tweaking, but hopefully they'll be up tomorrow.

It might take me a few more days to upload products and tutorials, but the sponsorship program will resume as soon as the component is up.

Update February 10

Everything is functioning properly, and I should make the new features visible either later today or tomorrow. There is already a test file in the "paid tutorials" section of the store that is free to download.

I just need to finish the first tutorials that will be in that section of the store. Once I manage to do that, everything will be back to normal.

I will slowly populate with articles all the areas of the website. It's very time consuming, because it mostly involves a lot of linking and coding, but I want to make the whole experience of learning how to work with polymer clay, especially for beginners (but of course, not only) very easy and logical to follow and find.

There will be one more section added with my WIP (work in progress), but not for a little bit. I can't do that right now, as I'm trying real hard to catch up.


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