NOTE: Pardo Transparent Translucent polymer clay of the Pardo Art Clay line is also called "Transparent Agate" in Europe. I used the term for my European readers.

This is not the final version of this gemstone imitation technique. It is just a simpler variant, that is also intended to get you used to building layers for gemstone imitation techniques that involve imitating gemstones that have a "banding" pattern.

Also, in case you haven't worked with Pardo before, to familiarize you with it. The imitation is fairly realistic though, even if the "version 2.0" if you want to call it so is even more realistic.

I will post that too in the future. I will first post a faux amethyst tutorial and probably a faux amethrine tutorial, to familiarize you with imitating fractures in a crystal.

This is a Pardo polymer clay version only, but I have placed at the end the color recipes for making it with Premo, as the process is the same.


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